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Advanced Glaucoma Treatment in Bakersfield

The eye doctors of Fritch Eye Care Center combine cutting-edge technology and superior eye health care to treat Bakersfield glaucoma patients. Learn more about glaucoma treatment by reading the paragraphs below.

What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma, an often symptomless eye disease capable of causing early blindness affects 2 of every 100 persons. It occurs when increased pressure within the eye damages or destroys the optic nerve.

A constant level of liquid called the aqueous humor fills the inner chamber of the eye. Fluid flows into the eye from several structures, and fluid drains from the eye at a spongy outlet where the cornea and sclera meet. If this outlet is clogged or the drainage system is overwhelmed by too much liquid production, a buildup of fluid occurs and pressure increases inside the eyeball. The resulting pressure on the optic nerve can cause irreversible damage.

What are the Symptoms of Glaucoma?

The symptoms of glaucoma vary depending on the specific type of glaucoma:

  • Chronic open-angle glaucoma

    Chronic open-angle glaucoma, also known as chronic simple glaucoma or primary open-angle glaucoma, is the most common type. It occurs primarily in persons over age forty and is symptomless, often causing irreparable damage before it is discovered.

  • Congenital glaucoma

    Congenital glaucoma, present at birth or shortly after birth, is usually caused by a defect in the drainage system. Any infant who has symptoms of increased sensitivity to light or eyes that fill up with tears easily should be evaluated immediately.

  • Acute angle-closure glaucoma

    Acute angle-closure glaucoma, also known as primary narrow-angle glaucoma or acute glaucoma, results from a sudden, complete blockage of drainage. Fluid backs up and eye pressure increases rapidly. Rainbow-like halos around lights, severe pain in the eyes or forehead, nausea, and blurred vision may occur. This type of glaucoma can occur suddenly at any age causing blindness in a day or two without treatment. Immediate professional care is needed to preserve sight.

  • Secondary glaucoma

    Secondary glaucoma occurs as the result of some other health problem. It may develop rapidly or slowly.

How is Glaucoma Diagnosed?

When eye pressure is above normal, yet there are no symptoms, an eye examination is the only way to discover the problem. During a comprehensive eye examination an instrument called a tonometer checks the pressure in the eye. It is a simple, painless test that takes only a fraction of a second. Your eye doctor will also check the health of the optic nerve.

Who Develops Glaucoma?

People with a family history of glaucoma and those who are nearsighted are more likely to develop glaucoma. Those with diabetes, anemia, or hardening of the arteries, have an increased risk of the condition. African-Americans tend to develop glaucoma more frequently than other racial groups.

Pressure buildup in the eye leading to glaucoma can also result from an eye injury, tumor, hemorrhage, or infection.

How is Glaucoma Treated?

Since glaucoma may grow worse without symptoms, periodic eye examinations for those over age 35 are imperative.

Glaucoma is treated by reducing the pressure within the eye. Medications are used to lower pressure either by causing better drainage or by decreasing liquid production. Medication usually must continue for life and must be taken regularly to effectively reduce eye pressure.

When medication does not reduce pressure, surgery may be recommended to correct drainage problems.

The glaucoma specialists of Fritch Eye Care are also considered to be Bakersfield LASIK and cataracts specialists. These highly-trained physicians also treat Fresno and Visalia LASIK and cataracts patients in their state-of-the-art medical facilities. To learn more about LASIK and cataracts procedures, please visit our LASIK and cataracts pages.


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The physicians of Fritch Eye Care Center specialize in treating Bakersfield LASIK, glaucoma, and cataracts patients. Using cutting-edge technology in their state-of-the-art medical facilities, these Drs. are considered to be specialists in their field.

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